Installing third-party addons

Third party developers can extend Construct 3 with new plugins, behaviors, effects and themes (collectively referred to as "addons") using the Addon SDK. Addons are typically distributed as a .c3addon file.

If you have problems with third-party addons, you must report the issues to the developer who provided them. Scirra cannot offer any support for third party addons whatsoever.

Finding addons

You can visit the Addon Exchange on the website to find plugins, behaviors, effects and themes created by third-party developers. When you download an addon, you'll receive a .c3addon file, which you can then install via the Addon Manager.

Installing an addon

To install an addon from a .c3addon file, first select MenuViewAddon manager to open the Addon Manager. In this dialog, click Install new addon... and choose the .c3addon file. Construct 3 will prompt to confirm installation of the addon. If you confirm the install, you must restart Construct 3 before the addon is available. In the browser you can just press the Reload button.

Uninstalling an addon

Third-party addons are listed at the top of the Addon Manager. Simply locate the addon, right-click on it (or tap-and-hold), and select the Uninstall option.

Bundling addons to projects

Paid plans only Enable the Bundle addons project property to include any third-party addons the project uses in the saved project file. This allows you to open the project on another device without having to have the same third-party addons pre-installed, since the addons will be loaded directly from the project file.

Sometimes you'll need to update a bundled addon to the latest version, if you update the installed addon in Construct. To update a bundled addon, open the View used addons dialog by right-clicking the project name in the Project Bar and selecting ToolsView used addons. In this dialog you can right-click a bundled addon (highlighted in bold) and select Update to editor version.

Construct 3 Manual 2022-07-13