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Importing Construct 2 projects

Published 8 Jan, 2018
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Construct 3 is backwards-compatible with Construct 2. You can import Construct 2 projects in to Construct 3 and it will open them so you can continue working on them in Construct 3. One easy way to do this is to simply drag-and-drop a Construct 2 .capx file in to the Construct 3 window.

This guide covers some points to be aware of when importing Construct 2 projects to Construct 3.

Setting effect color parameters

In Construct 2, some effects like Tint and Set color specified a color parameter as three separate parameters for the red, green and blue components. In Construct 3, these parameters have been replaced by a single color parameter. Construct 3 will show a color picker instead of three number fields for red, green and blue.

Construct 3 should correctly import the right color value. However if you use Set effect parameter in your events to change the effect's color, this will need updating. Previously you may have used actions like:

  • Set effect "Tint" parameter 0 to redAmount
  • Set effect "Tint" parameter 1 to greenAmount
  • Set effect "Tint" parameter 2 to blueAmount

In Construct 3 there is now only one parameter instead of three. So this action needs to be replaced by:

  • Set effect "Tint" parameter 0 to rgbEx(redAmount, greenAmount, blueAmount)

Third-party addons

If your project uses third-party plugins, behaviors or effects, these need to be available in Construct 3 as well before you can import a Construct 2 project using them. Note that Construct 2 addon files (.c2addon) cannot be used in Construct 3. The addon needs to be updated to work with Construct 3, and distributed as a Construct 3 addon file (.c3addon).

Note that third-party addon developers are independent of Scirra and we cannot provide support for their addons. If you need help with third-party addons you'll need to contact the addon developer.

Importing .gif animations

Construct 2 could import every frame from animated .gif files. Construct 3 can only read the first frame of .gif files. If you need to import a new animation to a Construct 3 project, use a spritesheet or a sequence of PNG files instead. Third-party image software can also separate animated .gif files in to a sequence of PNG files.

Upgrading to the C3 runtime

Construct 3 comes with an all-new runtime, which is significantly faster and has major new features. However when you import a Construct 2 project, it may continue to use the older, slower Construct 2 runtime if it is not compatible with the new runtime. Construct 3 will prompt you to upgrade and list any reasons that are blocking it. Make sure you have switched all projects over to the C3 runtime before the retirement deadline of July 2021. There are also some other compatibility issues to be aware of when switching. For more information see the guide on the C3 runtime.