In Construct, many features appear in Bars. These are the panes that appear at the sides of the window by default.

Note that bars work differently on mobile devices. See Construct on mobile for more information.

Bars can be rearranged in the interface to suit your tastes. Drag-and-drop a bar by its caption to move it. They can be left "floating" (appearing on their own anywhere in the Construct window), or "docked" to a side of the window, or with another bar. When you are dragging a bar, indicators will appear on screen as you move it around, showing where you can dock it. Move the mouse over one of the indicators and release the mouse button to dock the bar at that location. You can dock bars over other bars, which creates a split view, or directly on top to create a tabbed view of multiple bars.

You can reset the layout of the bars by clicking the Reset bars & dialogs button in Settings and then reloading Construct.

Opening separate windows

You can open bars in to a separate window and use them outside of the main window. This is especially useful on multi-monitor displays, allowing you to move editors to other monitors.

To open a popup window, undock a bar so that it is floating. Then right-click in the bar's caption at the top, and select Open to popup window.

When you close the popup window, the bar will automatically re-appear as floating in the main window.

Construct 3 Manual 2022-07-11