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The Team


Ashley Gullen

Ashley has a decade of experience designing game creation tools, starting with Construct Classic in 2007, Construct 2 in 2011, and now the innovative browser-based Construct 3 in 2017. He worked with native C++ and DirectX technologies in Construct Classic, released one of the first HTML5 game engines on the market with Construct 2, and designed and developed the fully browser-based Construct 3, giving him a unique blend of expertise in both native and web-based technologies. He dreams of a future where apps live on the open web, rather than locked up in stores. His experience makes him well-placed to help make it a reality.

When not wired in, Ashley enjoys playing piano, cycling, and playing the piano while cycling. You can follow Ashley on Twitter.

Tom Gullen

Tom is responsible for developing and maintaining the website and services. Currently training his dog Fitz to learn to skateboard.


Roger Henderson

Roger is an experienced managing director having managed business from UK startups to a US public company.

Roger has studied Karate for 25 years (and is our first line of defence) but has recently turned to cycling to save his joints and discovered that it hurts when you fall off.

Construct 3 Developers

Diego Marquez

Diego is a graduate from Image Campus in Buenos Aires. An avid game tool developer, Diego has joined us to help accelerate our development of future products.

Support and Community

Laura Donaghy

Laura is our tame social media geek and chief in charge of our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. She is normally attached to one device or another, be it her phone, 3DS or oversized iPad and when she's not at Scirra she can often be found at a racetrack or dancing around in her kitchen cooking something nice. You can generally find her on the internet as DrSquidge, like on Twitter: www.twitter.com/DrSquidge

Julien Fantoni

Julien "Kyatric" Fantoni is a game maker and Construct expert. Originally learning coding with Visual Basic, PHP, C & C++ with the intent to make games it was only when he found Construct that he was able to release his first completed games.

Julien's an early adopter of Construct and early believer in HTML5. He's been active in Construct 2 community providing tutorials, support and help in the forums. He's been working and releasing games made during game jams and professional advert-games ordered by various media companies like CanalSat, France 2 or even the music video game "Lazers from my heart" for the band Birdy Nam Nam.

You can find his various works on his website kyatric.com

Special Thanks

A big thank you to all the contractors, moderators, contributors, forum users and everyone else that has helped make Scirra what it is today!