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Send us an email!

If you need to send us an email, please send it to support@construct.net. Please note, we generally don't respond on weekends (we have to rest every now and then!) but you can otherwise expect a reply within 2 days, and often a lot quicker.

Write to us!

If a few crucial keys are broken on your keyboard you can send us a letter instead. Our postal address is:

Scirra Ltd
Studio 414
1 Filament Walk
The Lightbulb
SW18 4GQ
United Kingdom

Send us a postcard!

We have a magnificent wall of postcards in our office from all around the world - from New Malden to Mongolia, Tankerton to Alaska.

Wall of postcards

If you have one to send us, we'd love to proudly pin it up there! Be sure to include your username clearly on the postcard so we can say thank you (quite a few doctors seem to write to us!).

Phone us

The phone isn't always manned but is on occassion, so if you can't get through please drop us an email instead. If you want to try though, our number is:

(+44) 0208 123 9369