Construct's interface

The following image highlights the important parts of the Construct 3 user interface (UI) with numbers. Click the image to enlarge it. An overview of each part is provided below, and later the manual goes in to each section in more detail. Note that initially only the Start Page is visible. Much of the interface will not appear until you create or open a project. Also note the exact appearance of Construct can depend on which theme you have selected.

The Construct user interfaceThe Construct user interface
  1. Main menu button: Click this to open the main menu. This provides options for basic tasks like opening and closing projects, exporting, changing settings and so on.
  2. Main toolbar: This provides shortcuts to the most commonly-used features: save, undo, redo and preview. Note the arrows next to some buttons which provide a dropdown menu with more options.
  3. View tabs: These tabs let you switch the main view between different layouts (where you place objects) and event sheets (where you define logic using the event system). You can customise the color of these by right-clicking them and using the Colors menu.
  4. Account badge: This shows your account status. Click it to show the Account menu.
  5. Main view: This is where the currently selected Layout View or Event Sheet View appears. The view tabs select which is visible. In this picture, it's showing an empty Layout View.
  6. Properties bar: This lists all the properties for the selected item, allowing you to change settings for it.
  7. Project bar: This lists everything in your project. It gives you an overview of what you've added, and lets you navigate around the project as well, such as by opening layouts or event sheets to view them.
  8. Layers bar: When a Layout View is open, this shows the layers on the layout.
  9. Tabs: By default the Layers bar and Tilemap bar are docked together. You can use these tabs to switch between the bars. You can drag and drop bars around to rearrange them. You can dock or tab together any combination of bars you want to customise the interface.

Changing the theme

You can choose a different theme to alter the appearance of Construct's interface, such as by choosing a dark theme. The current theme can be changed from Settings. Third-party themes can also be installed as addons.

Note that the precise appearance of the interface depends on which theme you are using. The manual uses images based on the Default (no theme) style for a neutral appearance. If you change the theme, note the interface may look different to images in the manual.

Construct 3 Manual 2022-07-11

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