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A Brief History

From their bedrooms

Scirra Ltd (the company behind all things Construct) was founded in May 2011 by brothers Ashley and Thomas Gullen. You can read more about the people behind Scirra on the team page.

Started with the gracious permission of their mother in their bedrooms, their first commercial product Construct 2 in 2011 was a huge success. To date it has been downloaded around 4,000,000 times world wide.

Pushing Boundaries

Scirra's goal is always to push boundaries (sometimes a little more than the target audience are comfortable with). Construct 2 was designed to export solely to HTML5 at a time when Flash was still the primary game development tool for online games. However the bet paid off - we now have one of the best and most mature game development tools targeted for HTML5.

In line with the Scirra ethos of pushing boundaries (and building upon all the expertise we have in HTML5) Construct 3 was written to run entirely in the browser. We think this is one of the first examples of creative development grade software that runs in the browser. It's also built for the now and for the future - we don't allow compatibility with older browsers to hold us back.

Looking Forward

We look forward to growing Construct 3 and the Construct community a lot faster than we've managed to do previously. Stay tuned, we've got a lot more to come.

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Scirra Ltd
Studio 414
1 Filament Walk
The Lightbulb
SW18 4GQ
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07626452 (England and Wales)

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