About Scirra Ltd

We create the worlds best 2D game engine that allows anyone to create their own games combining no-coding solutions and Javascript programming.

Construct 3

We Push Boundaries

Our goal has always been to push boundaries through technology. Construct 2 was designed to export solely to HTML5 at a time when Flash was still the primary game development tool for online games. The bet paid off and Construct 2 was a global success with over 4,000,000 downloads.

Building upon all the expertise we gained in HTML5 from Construct 2's development Construct 3 was written to run entirely in the browser.

We think this is one of the first examples of creative development grade software that runs in the browser and we now have one of the best and most mature game development tools targeted for HTML5.

The Numbers

Our Impact

  • 1,950,000+

    unique users who use Construct 3 annually
  • 250,000+

    unique users who use Construct 3 monthly
  • 3,900,000+

    hours spent by users in Construct 3 annually
  • 200,000+

    projects created per month in Construct 3
  • 60,000+

    games exported from Construct 3 monthly
  • 7,100,000+

    users visit Construct.net annually
  • 56,900,000+

    page views to Construct.net annually
The Beginning

How Scirra Ltd Started

Tom was interviewed by StarterStory in September 2021. Read about how Scirra Ltd was started and lessons we've learned along the way.

Hello world

Get In Touch

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