The Start Page

When you first start Construct 3, it shows the Start Page. Note the appearance of the Start Page changes depending on the size of the window or screen. It will look something like this on a desktop display.

The Start Page in Construct 3The Start Page in Construct 3

The Start Page gives you a useful starting point whenever you launch Construct 3. It provides shortcuts for tasks like creating a new project, opening an existing project, a set of useful links, and a library of game demos, templates and examples that you can browse through.

The Start Page initially fills the whole window. When you create or open a project, the rest of Construct 3's interface will appear.

Starting a new project

Click New project to create a new empty project. You'll be prompted for some basic details about the project to create. You don't need to enter anything though, just click Create and you'll get a new empty project with default settings.

Another good place to start is the Templates category. This has a list of projects with a basic game mechanic already set up, such as an Endless runner type game. This can help you get started quicker and is useful for beginners to get instant results by modifying the template.

Browsing examples

There are a few demo games you can check out, like Kiwi Story. Construct 3 also comes with a lot of examples showing how various features work, sorted in to Beginner examples, Intermediate examples and Advanced examples depending on their difficulty level.

You can quickly preview a demo game or example by clicking its Preview button on the Start Page. To open the project so you can see how it works, just double-click or double-tap its entry in the list, or click its Open project button. Once open you can then also try it out by pressing the Preview button in the main toolbar, or by pressing F5. Once you're done, close the project by selecting MenuProjectClose project. When the project closes, you'll see the Start Page again where you can choose another example project to preview or open. You can also search for examples in the Search field above the category list.

Examples are organised by tags to help you browse topics you're interested in. Click the tag on an example to browse all examples with that tag. Alternatively click the More... category to see a list of all tags that you can browse by.

Linking to examples

You can get a direct link to an example by right-clicking an example in the Start Page and selecting Copy direct link. This will copy a link with the example embedded, such as When visiting this link, Construct 3 will load and automatically open that project. This is a useful way to share examples.

Opening existing projects

You can open projects from several sources: Cloud (projects saved to a cloud storage service like Google Drive), local files and folders (depending on browser support), or local browser storage. You can also find previously saved projects in the Recent projects section. For more information about saving and loading projects, see Saving projects.

Other resources

There are lots of links on the Start Page to other resources to help you get started and find out more about Construct. You can find links to community resources like the forums, social media accounts for Construct where you can follow news and updates, and other learning resources like tutorials.

Construct 3 Manual 2020-11-16