Text script interface

The ITextInstance interface derives from IWorldInstance to add APIs specific to the Text plugin.

Text APIs

The string currently displayed by the Text object.
typewriterText(str, duration)
Set the text over time by starting with an empty string and gradually adding characters until the full text of str is written out, over a duration specified in seconds. Note modifying the text property while text is being written out will cancel the effect.
If text is being written out with the typewriterText() method, force it to finish immediately.
An array with 3 elements specifying the red, green and blue color of the text, with color values as floats in the 0-1 range.
A string specifying the font used to display the text, e.g. "Arial".
Booleans indicating whether the font face is displayed with bold or italic styles.
The size of the displayed text, in points (pt).
The extra space in pixels to add vertically between lines. 0 is the default size, negative values make lines closer together, and positive values space lines out further apart.
A string specifying the horizontal alignment of the text within the object bounding box, which must be one of "left", "center" or "right".
A string specifying the vertical alignment of the text within the object bounding box, which must be one of "top", "center" or "bottom".
A string specifying the way to wrap text when it reaches the end of a line. This can be either "word" to wrap entire space-separated words, or "character" to wrap at any character.
Read-only values indicating the size of the actual text content within the text object's rectangle.
Construct 3 Manual 2021-10-19

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