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Over 250,000 users monthly create games in Construct 3. Cutting-edge technology that runs right inside your browser like magic.

Some of our customers

  • EA has bought Construct
  • SEGA has bought Construct
  • Zynga has bought Construct
  • King has bought Construct
No coding required

Game Changing Visual Scripting

Our powerful event sheet view empowers you to create and modify your creations. It's fast. It's easy.

Bring your ideas into reality. Construct's been designed to allow you to make your own game you've always wanted to make.

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Coding optional

Add JavaScript

Combine blocks with JavaScript, and go further by adding JavaScript files. Take complete control over your games.

Invest in yourself and learn Javascript with Construct 3 - an industry standard programming language with high job availability.

Popular and proven

The Backbone Behind Great Games

Chances are you've played games made in Construct and even have some installed on your phone. Used by game developers from all over the world Construct 3 is recognised as the easiest and most powerful game engine around.

Construct 3 is packed with all the tools you need to make, publish and monetise your own games.

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  • 1,950,000+

    Game creators using Construct 3 every year

  • 200,000+

    New projects created in Construct 3 every month

  • 60,000+

    Games exported from Construct 3 monthly

Stand out from the crowd

Build stunning games

Adding special effects and gorgeous graphics is easy in Construct. Don't just make a game - make a breathtaking game.

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And publish them everywhere

In a few easy clicks publish to your favourite platforms. Put your games in front of millions of potential players and make the next big hit!

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Steam
  • Newgrounds
  • Facebook
  • And more!
High performance

It's Fast

Construct 3 can leave other engines in the dust. The runtime powering your games is insanely fast allowing you to develop your ambitious ideas.

Regular updates

It's Evolving

Construct 3 is the game creation tool known for it's non-stop updates and improvements. There's a lot more to come.

Highly capable

It's Flexible

Construct is not a template engine. It's a fully featured game development tool. Make something unique and truly your own creation.

Feature packed

Everything you need is included

The Editor

  • Runs in the browser
  • Works offline
  • 13 languages
  • Multi monitor support
  • Themes

The Tools

  • Image editing
  • Collisions
  • Tilemaps
  • Physics engine
  • Pathfinding
  • Savegames
  • Networking
  • Scene graph
  • Timelines
  • 3D features


  • Export to web
  • Export to desktops
  • iOS build service
  • Android build service
  • Playable ads
  • Mobile adverts
  • In-app purchases
  • Live previews
  • Remote previews
  • Debugger
  • Profiler
Make your game

Ready to get going?

Why not go through our beginner's guide on how to make your own game or launch our interactive guided tour right from inside your browser.