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Rotate behavior

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Published 21 Aug, 2017
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The Rotate behavior simply makes an object spin.

Rotate properties


The rate of rotation, in degrees per second. Use a positive value for clockwise rotation and negative for anticlockwise rotation.


The rate the rotation speed changes, in degrees per second per second. Use a positive value to accelerate clockwise and a negative to accelerate anticlockwise.


Whether the behavior is initially enabled or disabled. If disabled, it can be enabled at runtime using the Set enabled action.

Preview Paid plans only

Enable to run a preview of the behavior directly in the Layout View.

Rotate conditions

The Rotate behavior has no conditions.

Rotate actions

Set acceleration

Set speed

Set the corresponding properties. See Rotate properties.

Set enabled

Enable or disable the movement. If disabled, the behavior will stop rotating the object.

Rotate expressions


Return the corresponding Acceleration property.


Return the current rotating speed, in degrees per second. A positive value indicates clockwise rotation and a negative value indicates anticlockwise rotation.