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Published 10 May, 2019
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A timeline can gradually change values of an instance over time to produce an animation. It allows for the co-ordination of complex transitions of many different instances at the same time.

Although the most basic usage is to change the X and Y properties of an instance to produce movement, a timeline can be configured to affect almost every property that can be part of an instance. This includes all the common instance properties, instance variables, effect parameters, behavior properties and plugin properties. Not all properties are supported by timelines as some of them don't make sense, such as any property that is only used on start up.

Timelines can modify boolean and text properties, but since these can not be interpolated like numbers or colors to achieve a smooth transition, they just change as the timeline's play head reaches their property keyframes.

Adding Timelines

With the Timeline Bar open, create a timeline using any of the following methods:

  • Right-click the Timelines folder in the Project Bar and select Add timeline
  • Right-click a space in the Layout View and select TimelineAdd timeline (when the Timeline Bar is open)

Timeline Properties


The name of the timeline. It is a unique identifier and is used to refer to the timeline from an event sheet.

Animation mode

Result mode


Path mode

See the section on common timeline element properties in Timelines. These properties follow an inheritance pattern.


The current time of the main time marker. This only affects the editor.

Total time

The total time for the timeline to be completed.


The increments the current time marker can take in the editor. When using the Step animation mode, this value will be used at runtime to produce the correct increments while playing the timeline.


When the timeline finishes, continuously repeat it from the start again.

Ping pong

When the timeline finishes, reverse the direction of playback, so it plays alternately forwards and in reverse.

Repeat count

The number of times to repeat the timeline animation when not looping indefinitely.

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