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Timeline track

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Published 10 May, 2019
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In the Timeline Bar, a track is represented as a row with an icon of the corresponding instance.

Tracks can be moved to and from track folders or the root of the timeline by dragging and dropping. A timeline can have many different tracks in its hierarchy, one for each instance added to it.

Adding Tracks

To add a track to a timeline follow any of these methods:

  • Use the Add button in the Timeline Bar toolbar to bring up a dialog from which to choose instances to add to the timeline.
  • Drag & drop instances from the Layout View into the bar.
  • Right-click some instances in the Layout View and select TimelineAdd to timeline.

Track Properties


The name of the track. This can not be changed and is automatically generated from the object name and the instance UID.

Animation mode

Result mode


Path mode




See the section on common timeline element properties in Timelines. Changing these at the track level will apply the change to every sub-element.