Jump-thru behavior

The Jump-thru behavior allows the Platform behavior to stand on the object, and jump on to it from underneath. This differs from the Solid behavior, which the Platform behavior can stand on, but not jump on to from underneath. The image below illustrates the difference.

Note the Jump-thru behavior does not support slopes. Any slopes in your game should use the Solid behavior instead.

Jump-thru vs. Solid behaviorsJump-thru vs. Solid behaviors


When using JavaScript or TypeScript coding, the features of this behavior can be accessed via the IJumpthruBehaviorInstance script interface.

Jump-thru properties

Set whether the behavior is initially enabled or disabled. If disabled, the object no longer acts as if it is a Jump-thru, and the Platform behavior will always fall through it.

Jump-thru conditions

Is enabled
True if the behavior is currently enabled. This can be changed by the Enabled property or the Set enabled action.

Jump-thru actions

Set enabled
Enable or disable the Jump-thru behavior for this object.
Construct 3 Manual 2024-02-16