Slider Bar script interface

The ISliderBarInstance interface derives from IDOMInstance to add APIs specific to the Slider Bar plugin.

Slider Bar events

See instance event for standard instance event object properties.

Fired when the control is clicked.
Fired when the user finishes changing the chosen value on the slider bar. Typically this only fires when the user releases a mouse button or touch after moving the slider.
Fired repeatedly as the user changes the chosen value on the slider bar. Unlike the "change" event this will reflect the current value of the slider as the user is still dragging it.

Slider Bar APIs

The current value represented by the slider bar.
The minimum and maximum values, defining the range of the slider bar.
The increment of possible values. For example if the step is 10, then the slider will jump in units of 10 as it is moved, and only a multiple of 10 can be chosen as a value.
A tooltip that appears if the user hovers the mouse over the text box and waits. An empty string indicates no tooltip.
A boolean indicating if the control is enabled or disabled.
Construct 3 Manual 2023-01-25