Get Construct

Construct 3 runs right in your browser. There's nothing to download or install! Just visit in your browser on any modern browser and Construct 3 will start. This makes it easy to switch between devices, use public computer terminals (even with strictly limited access), or painlessly deploy Construct 3 across a computer lab or office.

Run Construct 3 as an app

You can add Construct 3 to your desktop or home screen (on mobile devices). This creates an icon on your device to launch Construct 3 like an app. This is a great way to reach Construct 3 more easily, and also saves space on your screen since it hides the browser address bar and tabs.

Sometimes an Install as app option will appear in the main menu when this option is available. Click this menu option to install Construct as an app on your device. Sometimes an Install icon will also appear in the address bar. Alternatively you can usually find an option to install Construct in the browser menu in Chrome and Edge, possibly under the Save and share or Apps submenu.

In Safari, you can find Add to home screen on iOS or Add to dock on macOS by pressing the Share button.

Associate Construct with the .c3p file extension

Construct project files typically use the .c3p file extension. Once you have installed Construct as an app, you can then double-click a .c3p file to open it directly in Construct. The first time you do this, you may see a prompt asking you to confirm this is what you want to do. There should also be a checkbox to remember your decision so you won't be prompted again.

Construct 3 in the Microsoft Store

If you use Windows 10+, you can also find Construct 3 in the Microsoft Store and install it from there if you prefer.

Work offline

Construct works offline! You don't have to always have an active Internet connection. You only need to be online the first time you load Construct. After Construct first starts, after a while you should see a notification in the corner indicating Construct is ready to work offline. Make sure you wait until you see that notification. Then Construct will continue to work even if you go offline.

It's more convenient to use Construct offline if you use the Add to desktop/shelf/homescreen feature to create an icon on your device to run Construct, as described in the previous section.


Construct automatically stays up-to-date. It will notify you when there's a new version available, and when it's updated. Our website also provides a list of all releases with detailed information about changes in each update, and also provides links to run older versions in case there's a problem with an update. You can check which version of Construct you're currently using by opening Construct's main menu and selecting About.

You can opt in to email notifications when updates become available in your subscription preferences. We also post news about updates on our Facebook page and Twitter account.

Construct 3 Manual 2023-12-19