Scripting overview

Construct supports writing JavaScript code in the place of actions and events, as well as in separate JavaScript files. This is a great way to learn to code, as well as taking advantage of the full power of the JavaScript programming language in your projects. This section of the manual covers using JavaScript code in Construct.

JavaScript is not Java

Note Java is a completely different programming language to JavaScript. This is a common point of confusion. Try not to get the two mixed up. For example if you search the web for help on JavaScript, be sure to specifically search for JavaScript and not Java, otherwise you will get results for the wrong programming language!


JavaScript is often shortened to JS and normally uses files with the extension .js. The terms script and code refer to the same thing: the programming code that you or someone else has written. Similarly scripting, coding and programming are used interchangeably, and all refer to the process of writing code in a programming language. In the context of Construct this always refers to JavaScript code, since it's the only programming language it uses.

Learning JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the most popular languages in the world, and is widely used in the technology industry, especially in web development. As a result there are already many materials available across the web for teaching the JavaScript language itself. Therefore this manual does not cover how the JavaScript language works. Instead it focuses on the unique details of using JavaScript within Construct.

We recommend the MDN web docs as a good reference to use for JavaScript. This manual links to it when referring to specific parts of the JavaScript programming language so you can learn more about it. There is also a section on Learning JavaScript which is aimed at complete beginners. However if you search the web you should be able to find many other such tutorials, such as the Modern JavaScript Tutorial and others.

Construct 3 Manual 2021-02-03