The Expressions Dictionary

The Expressions Dictionary lists all the expressions available in your project. This saves you having to remember them or look them up elsewhere. It is shown floating next to the Parameters dialog. It can be hidden or shown by clicking the Find expressions link on the Parameters dialog or by pressing F4. By default it is semitransparent so it does not distract you while entering parameters. However on small screens if there is no room to display it without overlapping the Parameters dialog, then it is hidden by default.

The Expressions Dictionary

The search box in the top right can be used to quickly filter the list.

Double-click an object to list all its expressions. Descriptions are also shown next to each expression to help indicate what value will be retrieved. Double-click one of the listed expressions to insert it to the current expression in the Parameters dialog. Click the Back button in the caption to return to the object list.

Behavior expressions are also shown for objects with behaviors. The System page also lists all system expressions as well as all the global and local variables in scope (see Event Variables).

Construct 3 Manual 2022-07-11