Windows wrapper options dialog

The Windows wrapper options dialog allows you to customise a Windows wrapper (WebView2) export Paid plans only.

The Windows wrapper options dialog.The Windows wrapper options dialog.

The following options are available.

Select which platforms are exported. You can choose between Windows 32-bit (for Intel-compatible systems, technically referred to as x86), Windows 64-bit (for Intel-compatible systems, technically referred to as x64), and Windows ARM64 (for Windows on 64-bit ARM-based chips).
Enable DevTools
Whether the app should allow opening the Microsoft Edge DevTools by pressing F12 or using the Inspect context menu option. This is useful for development purposes.
Resizable window
Whether the application window can be resized by the user. If disabled the window can still be made fullscreen using events.
Ignore GPU blacklist
Some systems with poor quality graphics drivers can end up crashing or causing severe display glitches when running games. Browsers provide blacklists to recognise faulty drivers or hardware and fall back to software rendering. This guarantees the game will work, but can result in poor performance on such systems. Disabling this option always uses GPU rendering which can be much faster, but can then run in to issues on systems with poor quality drivers.
Export for Remote Preview
If enabled this exports the project with all its resources and extensions, but the app itself will show This allows it to be used to load a Remote Preview from Construct, allowing faster testing with WebView2-specific features enabled.
Command line options
This option allows advanced users to customise the Chromium command-line arguments used by WebView2.
Construct 3 Manual 2023-11-21