Education FAQ

In this section you will find answers to the most common questions asked about using Construct 3 in education.

  1. Can I pay via bank transfer?

    If you're an educational organisation looking to buy licenses, you can pay via bank transfer. To start the process, please email

    If you're not looking to buy educational license, please purchase licenses directly online.

  2. What devices can Construct 3 run on?

    Construct 3 will run on Windows, Macs, Linux, Chromebooks, Android devices, iOS devices and even mobile devices.

    • Win/Mac/Linux

      Supported on latest versions of Chrome, Chromium and Firefox.

    • Chromebooks

      Supported on all known devices

    • Android Devices

      Android 5+ required

    • iOS Devices

      iOS 11+ required

  3. Do you collect students personal information?

    If you create access codes for Construct 3, students can use every feature without providing us with any personal information. You can read more about how to generate access codes here.

    You can also explicitly assign a seat to a specific account. This would require at a minimum a valid email address.

    We take student privacy seriously, we know how important it is. If you have any specific questions or concerns please contact us.

  4. How many seats do I need?

    A seat can be assigned one of two ways:

    • As part of a pool of seats for an access code
    • Explicitly assigned to a account

    The most common scenario would be giving access to a class of 30 students. If you also have 1 teacher, buying 31 seats would be enough for everyone.

    If you run two classes of students concurrently, you may require more seats on your plan.

    Read more about the ways seats can be assigned

    Read more
  5. Can teachers use a seat?

    Yes, teachers are of course more than welcome to use any of the seats purchased!

  1. How quick is it to get a class up and running?

    Really quickly! Simply instruct your students to visit and in a few seconds Construct 3 will be loaded and ready to go.

    No installation required & no special permissions should be necessary. We don't think there's a faster way!

  1. How do we update Construct 3?

    Construct 3 will automatically update to the latest and greatest version. You do not need to spend hours updating individual machines - it's all handled for you and will save you a lot of time.

  2. Can I buy Construct 3 with a purchase order?

    The easiest and fastest way to pay is online via debit/credit card. However we recognise this isn't always possible. If you'd like to pay with a purchase order please contact us and let us know:

    • Your full billing address
    • License type and number of seats you require
    • Prefered method of payment

    We will then send you a quote.

    Contact us today to arrange purchase

    Contact Us
  3. Do you have a simpler version available?

    Yes! We offer a "Simplified UI" mode that trims away a lot of the more advanced features of Construct 3. This is useful for younger or less experienced students and helps ease them into Construct 3. You can always turn back on the advanced features whenever you want.

  4. Who can buy educational licenses?

    Any business or educational institute can buy educational licenses as long as the following conditions are met:

    • The end users of the license are only teachers or students
    • Teacher use is limited to activities directly supporting students learning and activities (for example lesson planning or running lessons).

    If you are an educational business and you also need to use Construct outside of these conditions you will need to buy additional business licenses.

    Only business owners, administrators and teachers may buy Construct 3 educational licenses. Students are not permitted to buy these licenses. If you are a student, you will need to contact your organisation to purchase these licenses, otherwise you will need your own Personal license.

  5. I'm getting "Requests to this domain have been blocked" or similar error messages

    It's common for schools and other educational organisations to have to whitelist domains before they can be accessed from a school network.

    The simplest solution is to request a whitelist for * — you may need to contact your network administrator to ask for this.

    A current full list of explicit domains is listed below if the network administrator is not comfortable adding a general rule. Please note some of these domains are important for the functioning of Construct 3. Disabling/enabling selectively may cause access issues.


    If you still are getting these errors when running Construct 3 - try running Construct 3 in Google Chrome in Incognito mode. If Construct 3 works in incognito mode, then one of your browser extensions is causing the issue and you should disable them one by one until the culprit is found.

    If you have completed all the above steps and are still encountering issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  6. Can I use the Free Edition in my educational institute?

    Yes, all educational organisations may use the free edition in their lessons and classes. Please note, if you're buying third party materials that make use of Construct 3 you must have a paid license.

  7. Can Construct 3 generate an EXE file to submit to exam boards?

    Yes. In Construct 3, if you export your project and select Desktop, it will generate an EXE file to run the game.

  8. Do you offer student discounts?

    Educational plans are for teachers/institutes to purchase and we do have minimum order quantities. Currently we do not offer single plan licenses or specific student discounts. Instead, Personal Editions should be purchased.