Sounds and music

Sounds and Music in Construct are audio files. Any audio files the project uses will be exported with the project. To ensure your audio can be played across a wide range of platforms, Construct will encode them to WebM Opus when importing, if possible. It is recommended to import 16-bit PCM WAV files to ensure they can be encoded without any unnecessary quality loss.

Imported audio files can be previewed by double-clicking them in the Project Bar. This will open an audio player that you can use to listen to the audio file.

To import and play back audio in a project, follow these steps:

  1. Import sounds by right-clicking the Sounds or Music folders in the Project Bar and selecting Import sounds or Import music.
  2. Import audio via the Import Audio dialog.
  3. Add the Audio object to the project and add events to play back audio.

For more information on audio support in Construct, see the Import Audio dialog.

Note that when publishing to the web, you must ensure your server has the correct MIME types set up to ensure audio files can load correctly. If the server sends the wrong MIME types, audio may not play in some browsers.

Construct 3 Manual 2022-07-13