Construct Animate FAQ

In this section you will find answers to the most common questions asked about Construct Animate.

  1. Am I allowed to buy a Personal Edition plan?

    If you are an employee of a business, or plan to use Construct Animate within any type of business organisation you are not permitted to buy Personal Plans. Personal Plans are only permitted for individuals who are not affiliated with business.

  2. Do I need an internet connection to run Construct Animate?

    Once loaded Construct Animate will work even when you're offline. We recommend bookmarking the editor when you've loaded it. Turn off your computer, pull out the internet cable and visit the bookmark - it will continue to work and allow you to keep working on your animations!

    Some optional services do require an internet connection to work such as our build service. If you have a licensed version of Construct Animate you will need to connect to the internet at least once a week to verify your license with us to ensure you still have permission to use all the features.

    Make sure to add Construct 3 to desktop, shelf or homescreen for convenience!

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  3. Can I save my files locally?

    Yes! Cloud save features are optional. You can save and load your projects, assets and files locally on your computer. Even though Construct Animate runs in the browser, it functions much like traditional software.

  4. What devices can Construct Animate run on?

    Please read the system requirements page for information on supported devices.

  1. Can I share a Personal license with my friends?

    Personal licenses are for one named individual only, you are not permitted to share this license with your friends or other team members.

  1. I've found a bug in Construct Animate, what should I do?

    All substantive software will have the odd bug popping up! We're dedicated to fixing all bugs as soon as we can to give the best user experience possible.

    If you run into a bug, please report it here and ensure you follow the guidelines on how to report bugs.

    If you do not follow the guidelines, your bug report will likely not be looked at and may be automatically closed.

    Follow the guidelines to ensure an engineer will read your report.

    Report a Bug
  2. Do students need to create accounts to use Construct Animate?

    No! We actively work to collect as little data on students as possible. If you purchase an educational plan, you can create access codes. By entering these codes in Construct Animate, it will unlock all features for the student without them needing to be logged in.

    You can view access code usage through your manage plan page, and suspend, reactivate or extend access codes as many times as you need to.

  3. Can I allow other teachers access to the plan features on educational plans?

    If you purchase an educational plan, you're able to create sub user accounts. You can explicitly assign permissions to these accounts to allow access to certain features only.

  4. What are the main differences between Construct Animate and Construct 3?

    You can see the feature differences between Construct 3 and Construct Animate here