Construct 3

Game Making in Education

Using game creation as a tool for education is one of the most engaging and exciting ways for students to learn a wide range of skills and abilities.

From learning the principles of programming, to working as teams, prototyping ideas, publishing, marketing and more. From primary to adult education and everywhere inbetween, Construct 3 is the perfect tool.

Why Construct 3?

Learn Programming Principles

Construct 3 has a powerful event based system that allows you to teach and learn the principles of programming in an accessible and easy to understand way. Construct 3 is the fastest way to get a game up and running using our world leading drag and drop tools and features.

Extensible with Javascript

Advanced students can extend Construct 3 by writing their own plugins and behaviors in Javascript. Unlike other tools that force you to use their own proprietary scripting languages, Javascript is an industry standard language.

No Installation Required

We know how much of a pain it can be to install software on multiple computers, and install important updates! This is where Construct 3 will save you buckets of time and frustration. It runs in the browser and automatically updates to the latest version. Spend less time setting students up and more time teaching.

Runs on Win/Mac/Linux/Android

Construct 3 can run on Windows, Macs and Linux machines. Not only that, but it will also run on Chromebooks and Android devices! Using cloud saving students and teachers can quickly jump between devices and resume from where they left off.

Also Runs on Chromebooks

Construct 3 is built for the browser and will run on Chromebooks just like any other system. Try it out now.

Export to Multiple Platforms

Don't pay for additional exporters. Construct 3 educational plans allow you to export to all platforms for one price. Publish games to Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, Web, Steam and more! Read more about Construct 3's publishing.


Flexible Licensing

Easily add and remove seats from your plan. There are two ways to give students and teachers access to all the features of Construct 3. You can either assign a seat to a specific student or you can create access codes for groups of students - no accounts required. Construct 3 is designed to get your classes up and running as quickly as possible.

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Take Home

Students and teachers using Construct 3 with any of our educational plans are permitted to use Construct 3 anywhere, on site or at home (even on the way home on the train if they have an Android device!). Unlike other software students don't need to stop the learning on site.

Monthly Options Available

Only planning on teaching a month or two in each year? Don't get forced into yearly plans - we have you covered with our monthly plans.

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Discover the fastest and easiest game creation tool. Incredibly easy and fast setup for entire classrooms and institutes.

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