The Bookmarks Bar

Paid plans only The Bookmarks Bar shows an overview of all the bookmarks in the project. Bookmarks are a way of marking and quickly moving between events in the Event Sheet View.

The Bookmarks BarThe Bookmarks Bar

In the Event Sheet View, bookmarks can be toggled by pressing F2 or right-clicking and selecting Toggle bookmark. Bookmarks can also be navigated between with Ctrl+F2 (for next bookmark) and Shift+F2 (for previous bookmark). Alternatively you can double-click the bookmark listed in the Bookmarks Bar. You can also right-click a bookmark listed in the Bookmarks bar to navigate to it, remove it, or remove all bookmarks in the project. The Delete key can also be used to remove bookmarks.

As with all bars, the Bookmarks Bar can be docked anywhere in the user interface or left floating as an individual window.

Bookmarks are listed in the order they occur in the project: first by event sheets in the order they appear in the Project Bar; then by their sequence within the event sheet. Each bookmark listed shows a description by it, if possible. For example a bookmarked group will show the title of the group, a bookmarked variable will show the name of the variable, and a bookmarked event will show some text from the first condition of the event. If the bookmark position has an event number, it is also shown, and the event sheet the bookmark belongs to is also listed.

Construct 3 Manual 2022-07-11