Text editor

Paid plans only The Text editor allows editing text-based files in the project. These can be in a range of formats, such as plain text, comma-separated values (CSV), or bundled JSON, XML, HTML, CSS or JavaScript files. The data you enter can be loaded at runtime by loading the project file. The Text Editor appears when editing or adding any text-based file in the Project Bar.

The Text EditorThe Text Editor

Opening the Text Editor

To open the Text Editor in a new project, start by adding a text-based file in the Files folder of the Project Bar. For more information, see project files.

Using the Text Editor

Using the Text Editor to edit long pieces of text/data in a project file is often a lot more convenient than trying to paste large amounts of text data in to events or in to Text objects.

The Text Editor provides a number of features including:

  • Line numbering
  • Syntax highlighting for a range of formats
  • Code folding (collapsing code sections)
  • Find/replace/replace all, including with regular expressions
  • New file templates for formats like HTML
Construct 3 Manual 2018-05-01