Audio Track

An audio track is a special kind of track which can be used to trigger audio playback from a timeline.

Audio tracks can have two types of property tracks, the main audio source one and another one to control it's volume. A timeline can have as many as needed.

While the audio playback is connected to the corresponding timeline, it is not exclusively controlled by it. If a value is provided in the Tag property of the audio source property track, then the Audio plugin can be used to further control playback.

Adding Audio Tracks

To add an audio track to a timeline follow any of these methods:

  • Use the split button of the + button in the Timeline Bar toolbar and choose the option TrackAudio audio.
  • Right-click some Timeline Bar empty space and select TrackAdd audio.
  • Drag & Drop from either from the Sound or Music folders in the Project bar into the Timeline bar.

The audio track itself doesn't have much functionality in on itself, instead it is the audio source property track, which holds the more specific properties. Look into that for more details.

Audio Track Properties

Must be unique in the timeline.
Animation mode
Result mode
See the section on common timeline element properties in Timelines. These properties follow an inheritance pattern.
See the section on common timeline element properties in Timelines. Changing these at the track level will apply the change to every sub-element.
Track ID
Audio tracks don't use this property.
Construct 3 Manual 2021-12-15