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There are genuinely too many features in Construct Animate to reasonably list here. Here’s just a few more things Construct Animate includes and there's a lot more to discover on your animation journey.

  • Timeline Animations

    Sequence movements and changes over time with custom ease curves

  • Visual Block System

    The best visual block-based system for creating interactive logic in Construct's Event Sheets

  • Video Export

    Quickly get a video file of your animation with faster-than-realtime encoding

  • Web Export

    For Playable Ads for content like banner ads and interactive media.

  • Modern Displays

    Support for modern hi-dpi and high refresh rate displays, and automatic display scaling to any resolution

  • Runs in the Browser

    Instantly loads in any browser. There's nothing to install!

  • Works Offline

    It'll run on everything from Windows to Chromebooks, and it works offline too

  • Advanced Editors

    Built-in image editor and animations editor for frame-by-frame Sprite animations

  • Hierarchies

    Use hierarchies to connect objects so they move, scale and rotate together

  • Layers

    Use layers and sub-layers for managing complex content and advanced compositing effects.

  • Effects

    Apply over 80 different effects to individual objects, layers or layouts, including PhotoShop-style blends like Screen and Overlay, hue rotation, color replacement, blurs, distorting, and masking - and even stack multiple effects

  • Live Preview

    Use Live Previews to adjust things like particle effects live in the editor

  • Playback

    Video playback with any browser-supported format

  • Audio

    Audio playback for music and sound effects, including with audio effects like low-pass filters, delays and convolution

  • Example Projects

    Nearly 100 built-in example projects

  • Remote Preview

    Easily view your content on mobile devices with Remote Preview

  • Mesh distortion

    Allows deforming various objects for new kinds of effects

  • Debugger

    A debugger and profiler to inspect your animations and get a deeper insight to how they work in practice

  • Multi Monitor Support

    Use Construct Animate on multiple monitors for increased productivity

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