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Frequently Asked Questions:

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    Are games I make with Construct royalty free?

    Your game is your hard work - you keep 100% of the money you make.

    Unlike some other engines, we do not take any profit or revenue sharing from what you make in Construct 3.

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    Can I continue to sell my games after my subscription expires?

    Yes. Once you've published your games, you do not need an active subscription to continue collecting profits from your creations.

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    Can I still access my games files when my subscription ends?

    Yes! You are still able to open and view your projects without an active subscription, and download all your files.

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    How many games can I make?

    As many as you want! There are no limits on how many games and projects you can create with an active plan.

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We've been making game development software for over 10 years. Construct is here to support you the whole way from prototyping your first ideas all the way to professional game developer!

  • Tom Fulp Founder

    I was amazed at how quickly I could compile and play a game project in Construct 3, without ever leaving my web browser. People are gonna love this!

  • @Exile - Chrome Web Store review

    I'm speechless...It's so awesome

  • @FireceBlaze - AlternativeTo review

    I purchased or tried just about every no-code, low-code and many of the "easy to use" game engines. Construct 3 has allowed me to be more creative and more productive than any of the other tools. It allows me to concentrate on actually making games.

  • @ChrisCrawford100 - AlternativeTo review

    Construct 3 is the easiest 2D game authoring system I've ever used, hands-down. It's extremely fast to get a game up and running, and flexible enough to do just about anything you can imagine.