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Published 8 Aug, 2017
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Click the Menu button next to the main toolbar to access the main menu. Note the exact options which appear in the menu depend on whether you have a project open, and whether you are logged in.

Construct 3's main menu

The menu structure, as a guest with a project open (which shows most options), is as follows:

  • Project
    • Save: save the current project to its last saved location. If it has not been saved before, this defaults to Cloud Save.
    • Save As (see Saving & sharing projects)
      • Cloud save: save to a cloud storage service.
      • Save to local browser: save to the browser's storage on the device.
      • Download a copy: save a copy of the current project by downloading a file.
    • Preview: run a preview of the current layout.
    • Remote Preview: start a Remote Preview of the current project. See Testing projects.
    • Debug: run a preview of the current layout with the debugger.
    • Export: export the current project for publishing. See Publishing projects.
    • Close project: close the current project, prompting to save if there are any changes.
    • New: create a new empty project.
    • Open: open a previously saved project from the cloud, local browser, or a local file. See Saving & sharing projects.
  • View
    • Bars: in this submenu, you can hide and show any of the bars visible in the interface. If a bar is missing, use this menu to bring it back.
    • Start page: show or hide the Start Page.
    • Addon manager: open the Addon Manager to view and manage addons. See Installing third-party addons.
    • Export manager: open the Export Manager dialog, which lists the last few exports and allows you to download them again.
  • Account (see Using an account)
    • Register...: register a new account to use with Construct.
    • Log in: log in to an existing account.
    • Enter access code: enter an access code to allow temporary use of the full version of Construct. This is typically used by educational institutions only.
    • View details: open a dialog displaying more information about the current account.
  • Scirra Store: visit the Scirra Store to find game assets, other software and more.
  • Settings: customise Construct 3's settings to work the way you prefer. See Settings for more information.
  • Help: opens this manual.
  • About: open a dialog displaying information about this version of Construct 3, as well as credits, storage information and diagnostic details.