Introducing Construct 3

Modern. Highly capable. Versatile. This is the all-in-one tool to build and ship your games globally.

Construct 3 editor

Simple And Powerful Blocks

Construct's unique block-based approach is a simple and exciting way to start designing games. There's no need to learn the syntax of complicated programming languages. Each block is a list of conditions on the left. When those conditions are met, it performs the actions on the right.

  1. When a mouse touches a cheese increment its health and remove cheese from play area
    • Mouse
      On collision with
    • Cheese
      Spawn Crumbs
    • Mouse
      Add 1 to Health
    • Cheese
    • Audio
      Play audio ChompChomp

It's both the easiest and most powerful alternative to code. Complete beginners will find it rewarding, and yet it is powerful enough to build ambitious and innovative games.

Node or flowchart based tools can quickly land you in a spaghetti-like mess. Construct’s event sheets stay organised even with thousands of blocks. It doesn’t limit your creativity - so you can build the game of your dreams without a single line of code.

Learn To Code

Programming is a valuable skill, and Construct makes it uniquely easy to learn. You can design your entire game using blocks alone. However you can also combine blocks with JavaScript. It couldn’t be easier to write your first line of code.

Want to go further? You can even add script files, and start writing more of your game in code. Then try writing an entire game in JavaScript alone! Construct’s visual editors combined with its powerful game engine lets you have it both ways: beginner friendly blocks, all the way up to a full coding editor.

Don’t waste your time learning a programming language only used in one tool. JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world.

It’s used everywhere from web pages to servers. With JavaScript you’ll learn real-world skills you can use elsewhere - perhaps even in your next job.

Works On Any Device, Anywhere

Construct runs right in your browser. Getting started is as simple as clicking this link. And yes, it works offline.

Work on any device you like, including Windows, Mac and Linux desktops, Chromebooks, on phones and tablets - even on a Raspberry Pi! There’s nothing to install, making switching to a new device effortless.

Cloud Save lets you save your project to Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive, so you can access your work wherever you go, too.

Instant results

You could already be making your first game. Try the Beginner's Guide and see for yourself. You’ll learn how features like Behaviors instantly add features to your game, so you can focus on what’s special about your game.

At any time you can instantly preview your game. Just click the “Play” icon on the toolbar. There’s no waiting for a lengthy build process. It makes creating your game as fun as playing it!

Want to try your game on your phone? With Remote Preview, simply scan a QR code and start playing. Or instantly share your game with anyone on the Internet with a simple link. Nobody makes it easier.

Powerful engine

Don’t be fooled by how Construct makes it look easy. Under the hood is an incredibly powerful and versatile engine with outstanding performance. It’s perfectly capable of running vast and intensive games smoothly and efficiently. And it can be extended further with a wide range of third-party addons.

Your games will really shine with Construct’s amazing visual effects. Dazzling particle effects, beautiful artistic blends, mind-bending distortions, spooky shadow-casting - it’s all there.

Better yet, you can have all of this at a much lower price than many other similar tools on the market. Talk about bang for your buck.

Publish mobile apps

Construct can build Android apps for you. Simply export your project, and a few clicks later you’ll have an Android APK ready to publish. For iOS you can download an Xcode project ready for testing or publishing. Monetise your apps with In-App Purchases (IAP) and ads. There’s also support for Facebook Instant Games and Playable Ads.

Publish anywhere

You’re not limited to mobile - take control and publish your own HTML5 game independently. Alternatively submit it to major online arcades like Newgrounds and Publish desktop apps for Windows, Mac and Linux. Publish to Steam. The choice is yours.

Timeline animations

Switch from game design to animation with the Timeline Bar. Create sequences of movements and events to orchestrate cut-scenes. Integrate timelines with event sheets or JavaScript code for interactive animations. Craft precise movements with custom ease curves. Animate any kind of property from positions to effect parameters.

Add in the Tween behavior for convenient movement and animation on-the-fly, and you have a wide set of animation tools to express yourself with.

Comprehensive documentation

There’s no shortage of learning materials. Every single feature is detailed in our comprehensive manual. Take a look through over 1000 tutorials. Browse through a wide range of built-in examples and templates. Play the exciting demo games and take a peek at how they’re made. Or get involved in our friendly, bustling community.

Construct 3 is Skinnable

Get access to our dark themed editor. You can also create your own themes and colour schemes. Make your game development environment as individual as you and your games.

And So Much More

There are genuinely too many features in Construct to reasonably list here. Here’s just a few more things Construct has:

  • Built-in image editor with animations support
  • Custom collision polygons
  • Tilemap editor ideal for grid-aligned games
  • A physics engine for realistic simulations
  • Intelligent and highly optimised pathfinding
  • Instant Savegames support
  • Organise objects and effects on to layers
  • In-editor live previews of particles, animations and more
  • Advanced text formatting with BBCode, including with Sprite Fonts and Web Fonts, as well as text effects like typewriter animation
  • A range of form controls to easily get input from the user
  • Advanced media support including video playback, recording gameplay videos, camera input, microphone input, audio effects, and more
  • Easily integrate other web content with iframes, including embedded YouTube videos
  • Use data formats like JSON, XML, data structures like Dictionaries and Arrays, and edit them visually with the data editors
  • Use networking including AJAX, WebSockets, and make multiplayer games based on WebRTC DataChannels
  • Get more insight into how your game is working with the debugger
  • Watch real-time CPU and GPU performance measurements in the profiler
  • Convenient search including find all references
  • Multi-monitor support, allowing different windows on different displays
  • Use different editor themes including a dark theme

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