Introducing Construct 3

Modern. Highly capable. Versatile. This is the all-in-one tool to build and ship your games globally.

Construct 3 editor

Truly Multi Platform

Construct 3 will run on anything from your mobile phone to your desktop and everything inbetween. Construct 3 is ready for you - wherever and whatever you are on.

  • Construct 3 on Desktops

    Construct 3 will run on all desktop devices:

    • Windows
    • Macs
    • Linux

    Make games at home, on your lunchbreak or at your friends house!

  • Make Games on Chromebooks

    Construct 3 runs on all known Chromebook devices. Across the world, classrooms are starting to use Chromebooks more and more. Now you can create games on Chromebooks with Construct 3!

  • Make Games on Tablets

    Construct 3 will run on a wide variety of tablet devices. iOS11+ or Android 5+ is required.

    If you're travelling or sitting outside in the sun you can still pull out your tablet and add new features to your games. Amazing!

  • Make Games on Mobiles

    Construct 3 will run on mobile devices with iOS 11+ or Android 5+.

    Our software is sophisticated and fully featured, we've made sure as many features as possible can be used on mobile. Review and make changes before you got to bed, on the train or even on the loo!

  • Make Games in your Browser

    Whatever device you're on, Construct 3 will run if you're using modern versions of Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

    Make games in your browser with our sophisticated and advanced game creation technology.

An Easier Way to Program

Programming doesn't have to be heavily syntax based. Construct lets you program your games in a more direct and readable way with our unique event sheet based system.

  1. When a mouse touches a cheese increment its health and remove cheese from play area
    • Mouse
      On collision with
    • Cheese
      Spawn Crumbs
    • Mouse
      Add 1 to Health
    • Cheese
    • Audio
      Play audio ChompChomp

AND Conditions

Adding multiple conditions will only trigger the actions if all the conditions are met. In this example, the rainbow trail will only be enabled if spacebar is pressed on the keyboard AND the mouse has a powerup enabled.

    • Keyboard
      On Space pressed
    • Mouse
      Is PowerupEnabled
    • Mouse
      Set RainbowTrailEnabled = True

OR Conditions

Instead of requiring all conditions to be met to trigger actions, you can use or to trigger actions if any of the conditions are met.

    • Mouse
      On collision with
    • Mouse
      Or On collision with
    • Audio
      Play audio SqueakSqueak

Do More, Faster.

Add loops, sub-events, families, containers and more. Events are easy to understand and rewarding to master.

How events work

Multi Language

Construct 3 is available in English, Spanish, French, Russian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Czech

Plenty more languages are in the works!

Multi Monitor

Drag windows onto other monitors to develop more efficiently with multiple monitors.

Drag windows onto other monitors to develop more efficiently with multiple monitors.


Construct 3 is highly flexible allowing you to arrange the interface exactly how you'd like it.

Construct 3 is Skinnable

Get access to our dark themed editor. You can also create your own themes and colour schemes. Make your game development environment as individual as you and your games.