Tween script interface

The ITweenState interface represents an actively running tween. It derives from ITimelineStateBase which implements APIs in common between timelines and tweens, as a tween is a kind of temporary timeline. Many general playback APIs are part of ITimelineStateBase; the ITweenState interface only provides APIs specific to tweens that do not also apply to timelines.

Tweens can be created using the startTween() method on the Tween behavior script interface.

Tween APIs

Stops playback and immediately ends the tween. The interface is released in this call and so it cannot be used any further after this call.
A read-only property with a reference to the IWorldInstance the tween is running on.
Set or get a boolean indicating whether the corresponding instance will be automatically destroyed once the tween finishes.
A read-only number providing the current value of a value tween.
Set the ease function used for the tween by a string of its name. Refer to the Tween behavior script interface for a list of valid built-in ease names, or use the name of a custom ease.
Construct 3 Manual 2024-04-24

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