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Tiled Background

The Tiled Background object can display an image in a repeating pattern, as shown below.

This pattern can be achieved with a single Tiled Background object, and it is much faster (and more convenient to edit) than using multiple Sprite objects arranged in a grid. Always prefer using Tiled Background objects wherever an image repeats.

Tiled Backgrounds cannot have a collision polygon. They always collide according to their bounding rectangle.

Tiled Backgrounds can have effects applied. For more information, see Effects.

Power-of-two sizes

For best results, use a power-of-two sized square image for the Tiled Background (e.g. 16x16, 32x32, 64x64, 128x128...). This achieves best results in WebGL mode. The object will still work correctly with non power-of-two sized images, but the quality may be slightly reduced since the image has to be stretched to a power-of-two size before tiling. (Note this does not apply to Sprite objects, which can use any size.)

Tiled Background properties

Click the Edit link to edit the Tiled Background's image.
Initial visibility
Choose whether the object is shown (visible) or hidden (invisible) when the layout starts.
Choose the position of the hotspot (or origin) of the object relative to its unrotated bounding rectangle.

Tiled Background conditions, actions and expressions

Tiled Background has few conditions, actions or expressions of its own. See common features for documentation on features which are shared between objects in Construct 2.

Tiled Background conditions

On image URL loaded
Triggered when Load image from URL finishes downloading the image and is ready to display it.

Tiled Background actions

Load image from URL
Load an image from a given URL. It is not shown until the image has finished downloading, and On image URL loaded triggers. Images loaded from different domains are subject to the same cross-domain restrictions as AJAX requests - for more information see the section on cross-domain in the AJAX object. Data URIs can also be passed as an image, e.g. from a canvas snapshot or webcam image.

Tiled Background expressions

The original dimensions of the tiled background's current image in pixels. Since tiled backgrounds can be extended over large areas causing the normal Width and Height expressions to return different values, these can be used to get the original size of the source image regardless of the object size.
Construct 2 Manual 2020-06-11