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The Event Sheet View

The Event Sheet View is where events can be added, viewed and edited in an event sheet using Construct 2's non-programming event system.

The event system has a lot of features, so the event system has its own section of the manual. This section will simply cover the basics of using the Event Sheet View.

Diagram of an event

Events are made up of three major sections:

  1. The event block, which contains the conditions. Notice the margin to the left of the condition which allows you to select the entire event.
  2. The conditions, which are each listed inside the event block.
  3. The , which are listed to the right of the event block.

actions, which are listed to the right of the event block.

Conditions and actions can be selected by clicking on them. The entire event can be selected (which also selects all its conditions and actions) by clicking the event margin, or the bottom part of the event block. The event margin can also be right-clicked to access a menu allowing things like adding sub-events.

As with the Layout view, multiple selections can be made by holding control and clicking different items. However, you can only have either events, conditions or actions selected at a time (e.g. you can't have both a condition and action selected at once). You can also hold shift and click an event, condition or action to select all the items in a line between the selection and clicked item.

Creating events

There are a number of ways to add a new event:

  • Double-click a space in the event sheet
  • Click the Add event link which comes after the last event
  • Right-click and choose an item to add in the menu
  • Use the Events tab on the ribbon

When you add a new event, the dialog that appears is for adding the first condition (see Add Condition dialog). To add more conditions to an event, right-click the margin or an existing condition and select Add another condition.

Actions can be added by clicking the Add action link (if it has not been hidden in the ribbon), or right-clicking the margin or an existing action and selecting Add another action. See also Add Action dialog.

Modifying events

Double-click or select and press Enter on condition or action to edit it.

Events, conditions and actions can be dragged and dropped around the event sheet. Holding control and dragging will duplicate the dragged event, condition or action. Event items can also be cut, copied and pasted.

You may find it convenient to organise events in to Event Groups, which can also be activated and deactivated as a whole.

Press R or right-click and use the Replace object option to quickly swap objects referenced in the selection. Note that objects with references to instance variables or behaviors in the selection can only be swapped with other objects with the same instance variables and behaviors which have the same names and types.

Scrolling and zooming

There are several ways to scroll in the Event Sheet View:

  • The vertical scrollbar to the right of the view
  • Scrolling the mouse wheel
  • Hold the middle mouse button and drag the mouse
  • Hold space and move the mouse (useful for laptops with track pads)

Use the zoom buttons on the ribbon in the View tab or hold control and scroll the mouse wheel to zoom. Press Ctrl + 0 to restore 100% zoom. The event sheet font can also be set in Preferences.

Construct 2 Manual 2020-06-08