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The Object Bar

The Object Bar is most useful in the Layout View. It displays a filtered list of objects with large icons. Objects can be dragged and dropped in to the layout to place them. This makes the Object Bar useful for showing just the objects you're interested in placing, which is sometimes quicker than using the Project Bar (which lists everything in the project).

See also the manual section on Objects

The Object Bar also provides another way to access object's properties. Selecting an icon in the Object Bar shows the object's properties in the Properties Bar. If a Layout View is currently open, it will also select every instance of that object type in the layout.

Browsing objects

By default the Object Bar shows the project objects organised by folders. Double-click a folder to show that folder's contents. Click the green Up arrow to navigate back to the parent folder.

Selecting a folder in the Project Bar also displays that folder's contents in the Object Bar.

Objects can also be organised by dragging and dropping them to folders in the Object Bar, but you may find the Project Bar more convenient for this.

Display options

The text at the top of the title bar shows the current filter or folder if any. By default it shows just the objects on the current layout (e.g. All 'MyLayout' objects). This means it will not show objects only on different layouts, nor project objects like Mouse or Keyboard. These objects can be accessed via the Project Bar, and also dragged and dropped in to the layout from there. Alternatively, the filtering options can be set to display all project objects in the Object Bar (see below).

Right-click a space in the Object Bar to show its display options.

Up to parent folder
A shortcut for the green Up button at the top of the Object Bar.
Up to root
Return to the root (bottom-level) object folder, as if clicking Object types in the Project Bar.
Insert new object
Add subfolder
Shortcuts for the organisation functions in the Project Bar.
Show path toolbar
Show or hide the text and Up button at the top of the Object Bar.
Filter objects
Set to Current layout objects to only show objects which are in the current layout (the default), or All project objects to show all objects in the project (like the Project Bar).
View as
Set to Folder structure to display objects organised by their subfolders (the default), or Simple List to list all objects regardless of their folder (there are no subfolders in this view).
Icon style
Change how the icons are displayed in the Object Bar, including which direction the bar scrolls in if there are lots of objects. This can be useful if you dock the Object Bar somewhere else in the editor, e.g. along the top or bottom.
Icon size
Change the size of the icons. Smaller icons lets you fit more icons in the window, but larger icons makes it quicker to identify objects.
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