Construct 2 has been officially retired. Now you should upgrade to Construct 3.

File menu

Construct 2's File menu is accessed by clicking the blue button in the top left of the ribbon.

Recently opened projects are listed on the right hand side of the drop-down menu.

  • New Opens the Start dialog.
  • Open Open an existing project from disk.
  • Save Save the current project to disk.
  • Save As Project and Save As Single File Save to a different folder or file. See Saving and sharing projects.
  • Export project Export to a HTML5 game ready for distribution. See Exporting and Publishing.
  • Close Tab Close the currently open tab. Tabs can also be closed by middle-clicking them.
  • Close Project Close the currently open project, prompting to save changes if any.

Along the bottom are four additional buttons:

  • Help Opens this manual.
  • About Open the About dialog with information about your computer, the Construct 2 version, and so on.
  • Preferences Open the Preferences dialog with settings for the Construct 2 editor.
  • Exit Close Construct 2.
Construct 2 Manual 2020-06-08