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iAd object

The iAd object allows ads from Apple's iAd service to be displayed in iOS apps built with PhoneGap Build.

Note: the iAd App Network is discontinued from June 30th 2016. The iAd plugin has been hidden in Construct 2 accordingly and should not be used for new projects. This documentation is provided for legacy reference only.


For information on how to register for an iAd account and set up your app to use it, please refer to Apple's documentation, in particular the iTunes Connect developer guide.

iAd properties

The iAd object has no properties.

iAd conditions

On banner received
Triggered after the Load banner action, when the banner has been downloaded and is ready to be displayed.
On banner error
Triggered if an error occurs trying to display a banner ad at any time.

iAd actions

Load banner
Start loading a banner at a given position on the screen. If Auto-show is Yes, as soon as the banner is loaded it will be displayed. If No, it will trigger On banner received but not display it. The banner can then be shown any time after that trigger instantly, providing a way to pre-load banners.
Show/hide banner
Display a pre-loaded banner, or hide any showing banner.

iAd expressions

The iAd object has no expressions.

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