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Add Condition/Action dialog

The Add Condition dialog and Add Action dialog are very similar so they are both documented here. These dialogs allow you to add or edit a condition or action in an event sheet.

Adding a condition or action takes three steps:

  1. Choose the object that has the condition or action
  2. Choose the condition or action in that object
  3. Enter parameters, if any, such as the X and Y co-ordinate for Set Position.

The Next and Back buttons can be used to move forwards and backwards through these steps.

Step 1: Choose the object

In this step a list of all the object types in the project is shown. The System object (which represents built-in functionality) always appears first, and the rest of the objects are sorted alphabetically.

Double click an object to choose it. Typing in the search box in the top-right can quickly filter the list if there are many objects.

The conditions and actions each object contains is related to the kind of object it is (e.g. Sprite, Keyboard or Audio). For example, to locate the Play sound action in the Add Action dialog, first double-click the Audio object. Remember the System object contains some conditions which can be used for any object, such as Pick random and For Each.

Step 2: Choose the condition or action

In this step a list of all the conditions or actions in the chosen object is displayed. They are arranged in to related categories. Below a list of the System object's conditions is shown.

Double click a condition or action to choose it. As before, typing in the search box can help quickly locate a condition or action in the list.

For more information on each condition or action, see the Plugin reference. If the chosen object has any behaviors, they may add extra conditions and actions in to the dialog as well.

Some conditions and actions require parameters. For example, the Set position action for a Sprite requires the X and Y co-ordinates to be entered. This is done in the Parameters dialog in the next step. However, some conditions and actions do not use any parameters, such as the Destroy action. In this case once the condition or action is chosen the process is complete.

Step 3: Enter parameters

If the chosen condition or action requires parameters, the Parameters dialog appears for the parameters to be entered in to. Click the link for more information on the Parameters dialog.

Construct 2 Manual 2020-06-08