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Scroll To behavior

The Scroll To behavior simply centers the view on the object with the behavior. It is a shortcut for the Scroll to object system action. However, it also provides a Shake action to shake the screen, and if multiple objects have the Scroll To behavior, it will center the view in between all of them.

If you need more advanced scrolling, e.g. limited to certain regions or following the player after a delay, scroll to an invisible object which you control through events.

To scroll, the size of the layout must be bigger than the size of the window, or the layout's Unbounded scrolling property must be set to Yes. Otherwise there is nowhere to scroll to and scrolling will have no effect.

Scroll To has no properties, conditions or expressions.

Scroll To actions

Set enabled
Enable or disable the behavior. When disabled, the scrolling will not be affected.
Shake the screen for a duration of time, by randomly offsetting the scroll position every tick. The Magnitude is the maximum distance in pixels from the scrolled position the view will be offset. The Duration is how long the shake will last in seconds. In Reducing magnitude mode, the Magnitude will gradually reduce to zero by the end of the shake duration. In Constant magnitude mode, the Magnitude will stay the same throughout the full duration of the shake, ending abruptly.
Construct 2 Manual 2020-06-09

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