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Construct 3 New Features

Additional features and improvements in Construct 3 that you won't find in Construct 2.


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Run in browser

Using Construct 3 is as easy as visiting a web page. Use Construct 3 from any device and just log in to your account to get started.

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Run Construct 3 on Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS and even Android and iOS.

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App build service

Use an official Scirra-hosted mobile app build service in Construct 3. Build your Android and iOS apps directly from the editor! There's no need to rely on third-party services any more.

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Multi language

Construct 3 is available in a variety of languages, including French and Russian, helping you use the editor in your preferred language.

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Use on mobile

Use Construct 3 while out and about on Android and iOS devices. It's perfect for reviewing, tweaking or previewing your projects on the go. You can even attach a keyboard and mouse to an Android tablet and use it like a laptop.

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Cloud save

Save directly to Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive in Construct 3. Keep your work safe and access your projects from anywhere. If you prefer to keep your work local, don't worry, you can still save and load to local files as well.

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High-DPI support

Construct 3 fully supports modern high-DPI displays, with perfect rendering at the same scale but with more detail.

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Streamlined interface

There's no ribbon in Construct 3 - just the essential commands. You can still access all the features previously available in the ribbon elsewhere in the UI, often just by right-clicking. Construct 3 also has better multi-monitor support than Construct 2.

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Properties bar

Use improved controls like dropdowns, checkboxes and spinners in the Properties Bar. Type calculations directly in number properties, saving you having to reach for a calculator. Drag values up and down to smoothly change them with instant feedback. Edit long text properties in a separate dialog. Resize objects by their percentage scale.

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Project bar

Use multiple selections in the new Project Bar, and more conveniently handle multiple audio files as a single item. Use in-editor audio, video, webfont and SVG previews.

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New data editors

Set up data for your game using the new Dictionary editor, Array editor and Text editor.

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New addon manager

Easily manage which addons you have available, and install and uninstall extra ones, right from this new dialog.

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Project statistics

Conveniently view detailed statistics about your project in this new dedicated dialog, accessible from the Project Bar.

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Remote Preview

Instantly share your game around the world with a URL directly to your game. This also lets you easily test on multiple devices or across local networks. See real-time performance information and watch gameplay videos from across the globe.

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Improved search

The new event search feature can return results from across the project. On top of that, there's a brand-new 'Find all references' feature that lets you view a precise and comprehensive list of everywhere an object, behavior or variable is used in your project.

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Live Previews

View particles, behaviors, shadow casting, sprite animations and more directly in the Layout View with instant feedback. Just click 'Preview' in the Properties Bar.

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Dark Theme

Use Construct 3 more comfortably with the new Dark theme.

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Simplified user interface mode

Ideal for classrooms and teaching, the new 'Simplified user interface' mode cuts the clutter and lets you focus on what's important.

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New in-app purchases (IAP) plugin

Make use of IAP with our all-new custom written IAP plugin.

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New mobile advert plugin

Make use of AdMob ads with our all-new custom written Mobile Advert plugin.


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Improved usage

Construct 3's layout view has smoother scrolling, zoom-to-mouse, a greater zoom range, and an easier way to rotate objects.

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New container features

Use containers as if they were a single object by changing the selection mode for the container.

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Improved text support

Preview web fonts directly in the editor. See text quality improve as you zoom in.


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Refreshed design

See the refreshed design of the event sheet, which includes new buttons to conveniently add more content, clearer expression display, a compact display mode for mobile, and a new print view.

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Use custom color comments and groups, and use BBCode formatting in the event sheet to make it yours.

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Improved workflow

Help your development workflow with highlighted common conditions/actions, more varied icons, improved dialog navigation, better search and more flexible layout. Write your parameters better with improved syntax highlighting, auto-complete, and expression tips.

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New features

Use new boolean type global and local variables, and copy a selection of events, conditions or actions in a simple text format.

Animations editor

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New interface

The image and animations editor has a much simpler interface, with everything in one window, rather than scattered across several separate floating windows.

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Onion skinning

Display the previous or next animation frames with the new onion skinning feature.

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New tools

Use the new ellipse drawing tool, a new color palette, better drag-and-drop support, improved undo, a grid view, and more export options.


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Enhanced WebGL renderer

Construct 3 uses top-of-the-line in-browser rendering technology with WebGL 2 support (based on OpenGL ES 3), a significant upgrade on Construct 2's OpenGL 1.1 based renderer.

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In-editor spritesheeting

Scale your games even larger, and more efficiently, with a new graphics pipeline that assembles your graphics on to spritesheets right in the editor as you edit your project.

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Reduced memory use

An improved architecture combined with on-demand loading so that only content you look at is loaded in to memory, helps ensure even ambitious projects can be opened on devices without much memory.

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GPU profiling

Use new GPU usage measurements to better identify how your game performs.


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Make Facebook Instant Games

Use the new Instant Games plugin to integrate your game with and publish to Facebook's Instant Games platform.

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Backwards compatible

Import your Construct 2 projects to Construct 3 with high fidelity. (Note if you use third-party addons, these will need to be ported to Construct 3.)

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Improved tooling

You don't need Java any more in Construct 3. It also doesn't use jQuery any more. Other tools like for audio encoding and image recompression run directly from the browser at native-like speeds with WebAssembly and asm.js, with the capability to use all your CPU cores.

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Bundle addons

Bundle third-party addons inside your project file, ensuring you can open it anywhere without having to configure the addons it depends on.

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Customise colors

Change the background color, browser theme color and web app splash screen color.

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Opus audio support

Use one audio format for all modern browsers, with a new Opus audio encoder.

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Bullet stepping

Use a new stepping mode in the Bullet behavior for high-resolution collision testing.

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Spritefont spacing data

Set variable character widths for the Spritefont object directly in the editor, and preview the results.

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Create object by name

Create objects using a string of their name instead of having to pick a specific object.

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Enhanced acceleration precision

Ensure your movements like the Platform behavior have better predictability and accuracy using improved movement precision. This helps ensure things like the jump height are more accurate and consistent.

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