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Scirra Arcade

The Scirra Arcade plugin allows hi-scores to be submitted for games hosted on the Scirra Arcade. The basic usage is to create a leaderboard for the game on the Scirra Arcade, use a single action to submit a score (or time) at the end of a level to the leaderboard. Each leaderboard has an ID, so you can have multiple leaderboards for one game. Once a couple of scores have been submitted, the Scirra Arcade game page should automatically start showing a hi-score board. The display and ordering of scores is defined when you create the leaderboard on the Scirra Arcade. For example normally higher hi-scores are better, but if you are submitting times then lower scores are better.

To find out more about publishing to the Scirra Arcade, see the tutorial Uploading to the Scirra Arcade.

Scirra Arcade conditions

The Scirra Arcade plugin has no conditions.

Scirra Arcade actions

Submit score
Submit a score to a specific leaderboard. You must first create the leaderboard on the Scirra Arcade, and pass the leaderboard ID to this action. The Score is any number representing the leaderboard entry, which can be points, a count, time, or any other numerical value. The sorting and display of the leaderboard is defined on the Scirra Arcade.

Scirra Arcade expressions

The Scirra Arcade plugin has no expressions.

Construct 2 Manual 2020-06-11