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Progress bar

The Progress bar object displays a bar which can be used to indicate the progress of a long-running operation or goal.

The progress bar is styled differently depending on the platform or browser, designed to look "native". If a custom style is desired, it may instead be preferable to use a Tiled Background which has its width set depending on the progress.

Form controls are actual HTML elements floating above the game canvas in the HTML page. Therefore, nothing can be displayed on top of a form control, apart from other form controls.

Form controls position themselves according to the layer parallax, scale and so on. However they are not truly "in the game" (since they float above), so it is recommended to avoid using scrolling, parallax and layer scaling with form controls, otherwise the end result can feel unnatural.

Progress bar properties

The initial progress display to show, from 0 to the maximum.
The maximum progress value, at which point the progress bar is shown full indicating a completed operation.
An optional tooltip to show while hovering the mouse over the control.
Initial visibility
Whether the control is initially visible or invisible in the page.
An optional id attribute for the element in the DOM (Document Object Model). This can be useful for accessing the element's value from external scripts, or styling with CSS in the HTML page.

Progress bar conditions

Compare progress
Compare the currently set progress amount.
On clicked
Triggered when the progress bar control is clicked.

Progress bar actions

Set CSS style
Set a CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) style on the slider element. This can be used to alter the appearance using the browser's styling features.
Make indeterminate
Set the progress bar in to an indeterminate mode, intended to indicate that it is working, but the progress is unknown. The display of this mode depends on the browser and platform. Not all browsers may support an indeterminate mode for progress bars.
Set maximum
Set the maximum progress value for the progress bar.
Set progress
Set the current progress value displayed by the progress bar, from 0 to the maximum.
Set tooltip
Set the tooltip that appears when the mouse hovers over the control.

Progress bar expressions

The currently set maximum progress value.
The currently set progress amount, if the bar is not in indeterminate mode.
Construct 2 Manual 2020-06-11