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Behavior reference

This section provides a reference of all the official behaviors that come with Construct 2. Each has an overview of its use, a list of its properties, and a detailed list of the actions, conditions and expressions specific to that behavior. Behaviors add their actions, conditions and expressions to the object they are added to, appearing alongside the object's own features in the Add condition/action dialog and Expressions panel.

Behaviors can be added and removed from objects via the Properties Bar, which opens the Object Behaviors dialog and Add Behavior dialog.

Custom controls

By default, user-controlled movement behaviors use a standard set of controls (usually based around the arrow keys). To change these, set the Default controls property to No, and set up some events using the Simulate control action. For an example, see the Platform 4 (custom controls).capx example in the Examples folder in Construct 2's install directory. It uses the following events to change Platform's arrow key and shift controls to W, A and D:

The Simulate control action does not have to be used with keyboard input. For example, it can be used with touch input to create on-screen touch controls, or with Gamepad input. Alternatively, you can set up events to automatically control objects with the Simulate control action. This allows you to set up computer-controlled enemies or non-player characters (NPCs), sometimes loosely referred to as "AI".

Construct 2 Manual 2020-06-09

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