View a comprehensive history of all the performance optimisations in Construct 3 since the first release.

13 favourites
Support for asynchronous WebGL shader compilation, helping games using lots of effects start up faster
14 favourites
Reduce the memory overhead of the editor and C3 runtime, especially on systems with many CPU cores
12 favourites
Improve performance of C3 debugger inspector
14 favourites
C3 runtime: even faster Pathfinding, particularly with small cell sizes.
14 favourites
C3 runtime: optimise creating and destroying large numbers of instances with behaviors
17 favourites
Cloud save: now loads folders individually instead of the whole tree. Should improve load times for users with large numbers of files.
6 favourites
C3 runtime: constant event variables now directly insert their value to compiled expressions instead of calling a getter function
5 favourites
C3 runtime: small optimisation for running some object actions
10 favourites
C3 runtime: optimise system/single-global conditions and actions
4 favourites
C3 runtime: fix performance regression in destroying instances
20 favourites
C3 runtime: new expression compiler to accelerate expression evaluation (+20-50% performance for intensive projects)
8 favourites
Reduce the number of network requests when loading Google Drive file list
12 favourites
Small GPU performance improvement to effects rendering in editor
4 favourites
Improve the responsiveness of Cloud Save by caching cloud meta data for the length of the session (can be disabled in settings)
10 favourites
Improved Layout View rendering performance, especially for Firefox and Safari
7 favourites
WebM Opus encoder now uses WebAssembly, which is faster and a smaller download
18 favourites
New renderer for data editor, can now render much larger data sets