View a comprehensive history of all the performance optimisations in Construct 3 since the first release.

20 favourites
Improve preview startup time
14 favourites
Adjust frame scheduling to allow maximum possible time to run events/logic (reland)
12 favourites
Timelines: improve performance when drawing bezier curves in the Layout View
21 favourites
Optimize bounding box calculations for rotated objects
15 favourites
Animations editor: improve editor responsiveness when selecting a large amount of frames at the same time
27 favourites
Improve runtime startup performance for projects using thousands of events
20 favourites
Improve editor performance adding instance variables with large number of instances
15 favourites
Editor now built with Closure Compiler (produces smaller & faster loading scripts)
11 favourites
Video: improve playback efficiency in worker mode
23 favourites
Adjust frame scheduling to allow maximum possible time to run events/logic
20 favourites
Switch to OptiPNG on export for smaller & faster PNG recompression
12 favourites
Remote Preview: now uses compression to load faster, where supported (currently Chrome 80+)
13 favourites
Optimise rendering large numbers of on-screen SVG Picture objects (now ~6x faster)
22 favourites
Adjust spritesheeting algorithm to use fewer textures (reducing download size and potentially increasing runtime performance) without significantly affecting memory use
13 favourites
Improve editor performance showing/closing dialogs in light & dark themes
17 favourites
Improve editor performance when changing mouse cursors with lots of content visible
21 favourites
Improved frame scheduling for smoothness & low latency, particularly in worker mode
18 favourites
Use lower-latency mouse/touch input where supported in worker mode