View a comprehensive history of all the performance optimisations in Construct 3 since the first release.

7 favourites
Improve performance of text wrapping (performance regression r294)
18 favourites
Improve load time of editor and preview
11 favourites
Improve performance of video playback in DOM mode
20 favourites
Optimise effect compositor CPU overhead
18 favourites
Optimise GPU performance of effect rendering
15 favourites
Improve performance of tweens & timelines
14 favourites
New effect compositor 15% faster in intensive cases
8 favourites
Tilemap bar: improve performance of the bar
17 favourites
Spritesheets now support rotating images 90 degrees, improving packing efficiency
17 favourites
Worker mode is now supported in Android apps
20 favourites
Improve preview startup time
14 favourites
Adjust frame scheduling to allow maximum possible time to run events/logic (reland)
12 favourites
Timelines: improve performance when drawing bezier curves in the Layout View
22 favourites
Optimize bounding box calculations for rotated objects
15 favourites
Animations editor: improve editor responsiveness when selecting a large amount of frames at the same time
27 favourites
Improve runtime startup performance for projects using thousands of events
21 favourites
Improve editor performance adding instance variables with large number of instances