Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r278

Field of view setting; bug fixes

11 January, 2022 ()

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New in this release: you can now change the field of view in Project Properties! This affects how wide the view from a 3D camera is. It requires the project to use the new Regular Z axis scale though, since the contraints of Normalized mode preclude altering the field of view. Changing the field of view also adjusts the Default camera Z, i.e. the height of the camera for 100% scale 2D rendering, since the mathematics requires the camera to move to compensate for a different field of view and still produce the same 2D rendering. If you want to quickly try this out, open the First person shooter template which has been updated to use a Regular Z axis scale, so you can easily change the field of view and see how it affects the 3D rendering in preview.

Other than that there's a few other changes and some optimisation work done on the new effect compositor, and a big batch of bug fixes!

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New Additions

12 favourites
Property to adjust field of view when using regular Z axis scale


6 favourites
Update 'First person shooter' template to use regular Z axis scale
9 favourites
Animations editor: Ctrl/Command + A keyboard shortcut now sets rectangle select tool and selects all, regardless of previous tool
4 favourites
Mobile Advert: increase the wait time before assuming mobile adverts failed to load from 2 seconds to 5 seconds

Bug Fixes

3 favourites
Global layers could fail to render in editor in some circumstances
2 favourites
Possible crash using extremely small window sizes with low quality fullscreen mode
5 favourites
Drawing Canvas: pasting objects could appear incorrectly (regression r277)
4 favourites
Tweens & Timelines: ensure 'Set Time' action sets the time to the end position of an animation when 'Infinity' is used as argument (regression r273)
3 favourites
Tweens & Timelines: fix incorrect behavior when a tween or timeline is started and stopped in the same tick (regression r273)
3 favourites
Timelines: runtime crash loading state including timelines from previous versions to r273 (regression r273)
3 favourites
Timelines: runtime crash loading state including timelines and a change of the current layout (regression r273)
3 favourites
Animations editor: crash dragging an image into the animations editor straight from a browser tab
3 favourites
Animations editor: maintain rectangle selection when toggling the grid and onion skinning
3 favourites
Animations editor: deleting a selection using the keyboard was not working when editing project files such as icons
3 favourites
Animations editor: some context menu icons had the wrong size in mobile
3 favourites
Animations editor: prevent back navigation when touching the color swatches in the color palette in mobile
3 favourites
Scene graph: correctly preview behaviours that change position and size when the instance is part of a hierarchy and the instance is set to not follow it's parent in a particular properly
3 favourites
Layout View: resizing instances with 'snap to grid' enabled could resize the instance in the incorrect dimension

Performance Improvements

18 favourites
Optimise GPU performance of effect rendering

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