Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r287

New HTML Element plugin; Templates improvements; bug fixes & performance improvements

22 March, 2022 ()

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We have another big update for you today! First up is a brand new HTML Element plugin. This lets you conveniently insert a snippet of custom HTML in your project. This can be used for anything for a kind of advanced Text object using CSS styling to, potentially, designing parts of your game in HTML. This ties in well with new support for adding stylesheets via project files: just add a stylesheet and set its Purpose property to Stylesheet, and it will be added as a stylesheet for the page. Then you can add styles to the CSS file to customise the appearance of the HTML element. All other HTML-based plugins like Button and Text Input also now have a Class property so you can use the same method to conveniently style those too.

Another HTML-related feature is you can now also add HTML project files and change their Purpose property to insert their contents to the exported index.html file. For example if you want to add some custom meta tags to the head element, these can be inserted by adding them to a HTML file with the purpose End of <head>.

We've also continued to improve the new Templates feature with a variety of bug fixes and improvements, including now using an expression instead of a dropdown list to choose a template, so you can use an expression to choose the template. Finally as ever there's a batch of other bug fixes and improvements, and even a couple of performance improvements. Happy testing!

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New Features

31 favourites
New plugin 'HTML Element'

New Additions

14 favourites
New example 'Tower defense game'
11 favourites
'Purpose' property for HTML project files, allowing inserting snippets in exported HTML
10 favourites
'Purpose' property for CSS project files, allowing adding custom stylesheets
9 favourites
'Class' property for form control plugins, allowing easy styling of groups of controls


12 favourites
Templates: use expression instead of drop down to choose a template
11 favourites
Templates: use different highlighting when using an instance's own value instead of the one in the template
11 favourites
Templates: only show relevant properties in the Properties Bar
10 favourites
Rename 'Game recorder' plugin to 'Video recorder'
10 favourites
Properties Bar: make sure checkbox properties don't respond to clicks near scrollbar
7 favourites
Android exports: update to target API level 31 (Android 12)

Bug Fixes

6 favourites
Templates: error opening project after saving using templates in different layouts
5 favourites
Templates: crash right clicking on some elements of the Properties Bar
5 favourites
Templates: crash adding behaviors or effects to a families (regression r286)
5 favourites
Templates: add missing undo points when using the options to apply template values to replicas
4 favourites
Properties bar: default browser context menu not shown on input elements (regression r286)
6 favourites
Scene graph: instances using a hierarchy and the persist behavior not always recreated properly when changing layouts
6 favourites
Windows WebView2 export: allow automatic audio/video playback on startup
6 favourites
Drawing Canvas: 'Paste object' worked incorrectly with 'regular' Z axis scale
5 favourites
Work around possible Android WebView bug causing janky framerate when Multiplayer plugin present
4 favourites
Improve addon install confirmation dialog formatting with CJK languages
4 favourites
Extra dialogs shown during guided tours could not be interacted with
4 favourites
Avoid browser extension crashes causing editor crashes
5 favourites
Mouse/touch input on form controls still affected other objects (regression)
5 favourites
Could not preview or export with Video plugin (regression r286)

Performance Improvements

18 favourites
Improve load time of editor and preview
11 favourites
Improve performance of video playback in DOM mode

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  • These are nice additions (HTML) and are definitely needed. Are you going to be releasing a demo project showing best practices for using them?

  • Really happy to see CSS getting some love :) Thanks for more great work.

  • Awesome! Thanks for your work on this.

    Would love to see more 3D-related stuff at some point 😄

  • As usual, excellent work!

  • Problem with export debug apk, someone already wrote about it

  • Today we are faced with the main question when our games are ready for people to play them.

    Game developers cannot consistently and fully receive official support from the developers of Construct 3 software.

    What I mean is, we need more ways so that we can monetize our projects, without using clandestine tools made on the knee of monetization plugins.

    Providing us with a plugin officially only for Admob is not enough, we need to expand monetization methods so that we can expand our capabilities and gain access to new markets!

    Add Unity and Yandex for us to start.

  • Thank you for solving the video plug problem.

    Another problem is remote previewing. When we click "Remote View" on Windows 10 (computer) and want to preview on the iPhone, the message "Join Session" appears and nothing else

  • The whole project is broken! The whole project!

    Just when I added tween to the family!

  • I hope the 3D features will continue to be improved, but the HTML element plugin is a very nice addition too. I'm looking forward to more updates.

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