View a comprehensive history of all the new features in Construct 3 since the first release.

30 favourites
New 3D Shape plugin: add simple 3D to your projects!
9 favourites
New 'macOS wrapper' export option, based on WKWebView
18 favourites
New 'Windows wrapper' export option, based on the Mirosoft Edge WebView2 runtime
31 favourites
Mesh editor: design object meshes in the Layout View
16 favourites
Scripting support for JavaScript Modules
19 favourites
Local file/folder saves now enabled by default
29 favourites
Scene graph: set up hierarchies in the editor
46 favourites
Mesh distortion
22 favourites
Share Plugin: 'Request app rating' action now supports Android's new 'In App Review API' to leave review without leaving app
38 favourites
Scene graph actions for runtime (add child, remove child, remove from parent)
44 favourites
Date plugin
20 favourites
Support for Android adaptive icons and web app maskable icons
13 favourites
Share project with subscription administrator
20 favourites
Nested timelines
16 favourites
Guided tours: step-by-step instructions to follow within the editor itself
24 favourites
Support for exporting Android App Bundles
31 favourites
New 'SVG Picture' plugin - conveniently display an SVG file in-game