View a comprehensive history of all the new features in Construct 3 since the first release.

7 favourites
Allow associating .c3p file extension with Construct when installed with Chrome 102+
30 favourites
New plugin 'HTML Element'
31 favourites
Templates instances
25 favourites
Redesigned Start Page
18 favourites
New Example Browser
34 favourites
Sub-layers: use nested layers like folders, or for composing more sophisticated effects
21 favourites
Layout property to use orthographic projection
44 favourites
3D camera plugin
15 favourites
Set vanishing point to adjust perspective used for 3D features
21 favourites
3D mesh distortion: use Z elevation for individual mesh points
48 favourites
New 3D Shape plugin: add simple 3D to your projects!
10 favourites
New 'macOS wrapper' export option, based on WKWebView
19 favourites
New 'Windows wrapper' export option, based on the Mirosoft Edge WebView2 runtime
33 favourites
Mesh editor: design object meshes in the Layout View
17 favourites
Scripting support for JavaScript Modules
20 favourites
Local file/folder saves now enabled by default