View a comprehensive history of all the new features in Construct 3 since the first release.

31 favourites
Flowcharts editor and new Flowchart Controller object
26 favourites
HTML layers: allows placing Construct objects on top of HTML elements
16 favourites
CSV plugin
23 favourites
TypeScript support
22 favourites
Windows WebView2: new C++ extension system
24 favourites
New Steamworks for WebView2 plugin
19 favourites
New Epic Games for WebView2 plugin
20 favourites
New File for WebView2 plugin
33 favourites
Dynamic layers: add, move and remove layers at runtime
30 favourites
Internationalization plugin
31 favourites
Text object: show icons in text
24 favourites
New File System plugin
27 favourites
New Cryptography plugin
17 favourites
New QR Code plugin
27 favourites
Clipboard plugin - allows copy/paste operations
38 favourites
Custom actions
21 favourites
Tiled Background: tile randomization option to break up repetitive appearance
12 favourites
Timeline bar: auto-keyframing
12 favourites
Support for exporting projects using WebP image format for a smaller file size
14 favourites
Allow associating .c3p file extension with Construct when installed with Chrome 102+