Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r273

Optimised tweens & timelines; scripting updates; SDK updates; bug fixes

23 November, 2021 ()

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This release has a range of bug fixes and other improvements, such as a new reminder to set up backups, and small usability improvements. We've also done a fair bit of work to improve performance when using lots of tweens and timelines, so projects using those intensively could see a performance boost.

The scripting feature has had a couple of updates, including new events fired when Sprite animation frames change and when the animation finishes. We've also added some new features to the addon SDK allowing third-party addons to better take advantage of 3D, Z elevation and color tint features. (As ever documentation for these will be updated at the next stable release.)

We'll be focusing on reliability for the next few weeks as we are now working towards a stable release, so expect mostly bug fixes and other changes related to robustness until then.

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New Additions

12 favourites
Occasional prompts to set up backups when using local file/folder saves


9 favourites
Add a fog effect to 'First-person platformer' example
6 favourites
Dismiss any balloon tips when opening a context menu

Bug Fixes

5 favourites
Layers bar: visibility checkboxes not working correctly for sub-layers
4 favourites
Debugger: possible crash using 'On collision' event in OR block
4 favourites
Event sheet view: could not undo "toggle breakpoint"
4 favourites
Event sheet view: toggling breakpoint/OR block/bookmark did not work with multiple selection
4 favourites
Possible crash after closing dialog (regression r271)
5 favourites
Tilemap bar: using the context menu option to edit a tile could open the incorrect tile
5 favourites
Tilemap bar: possible crash after deselecting all instances in the layout view
4 favourites
Timeline bar: crash trying to undo the addition of a color property track
4 favourites
Timeline bar: keyframe handles still shown in the layout view after deleting the corresponding instance
4 favourites
Timeline bar: crash closing the bar while displaying a timeline with nested content
4 favourites
Timeline bar: could save a corrupted project after deleting a timeline with nested content
6 favourites
Mobile adverts: add a timeout to initialization so the app can continue without ads if initialization fails to complete for any reason

Performance Improvements

16 favourites
Improve performance of tweens & timelines

SDK updates

5 favourites
Add DispatchScriptEvent() helper method
5 favourites
Add IPluginInfo methods SetIs3D(), SetSupportsZElevation(), SetSupportsColor()
5 favourites
Add IWorldInstance methods SetZElevation(), GetZElevation(), GetTotalZElevation()
5 favourites
Add IWebGLRenderer methods SetCurrentZ(), GetCurrentZ()

Scripting updates

3 favourites
Add ISpriteInstance events "framechange" and "animationend"
3 favourites
Add standard 'instance' and 'behaviorInstance' properties to events fired for plugins/behaviors

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  • Can you add Z angle for the 3d object? with that, developers could make racing games with their players had physics with Z angle(Note: there are should be horizontal and vertical Z angle)

  • X Invert action crash the software

  • when I try to use invert on an event, construct 3 crashes, but I don't know if it's just happening with me.

  • Ashley Tom and the Team you are doing an amazing job. i love the new front page of website. so fast and interactive it's amazing.

    not only the engine updates are insane cool, but also interface website changed a lot and i like this new design and direction is going.

    keep up the great job.

  • Hello.

    Sorry to write about errors here, I'm too lazy to publish a post in a special place.

    An error was detected: disabling inversion for the process, the project crashes.

    Inverting the event crashes the project.

  • If I click "invert" to event "Cursor is over SPRITE", project crashes. Please fix it

  • Add standard 'instance' and 'behaviorInstance' properties to events fired for plugins/behaviors

    Can you explain this


    When will all the behavioral methods be opened up within the script

    That would be great

    So much for tween’s methods

    Currently, the specified method can only be triggered with the callFunction + UID selection

    Here’s the deal

  • I think that 3D platform behavior will be cool

  • i have bug when boolean to false

  • My app connects with the device camera and displays it on screen. Everything works in the browser, and even on my mobile via remote preview.

    But, as soon as it is an APK (or debug APK), the camera request is not complete. I check the app permission requests, and there's no request for the camera to be used.

    Note: I have checked the box to "require camera permission" on APK export.

    Anyone know a solution?

    • I think I ran into a similar situation where I had to put the Camera code in a "user-triggered event", like Button-OnClick or Touch->OnTapObject.

      Maybe the device confuses your app with a previous version. So try to clean uninstall any previous versions before you test new apk version.

      Good luck!

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