Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r270

New effect compositor with improved effect features; bug fixes

02 November, 2021 ()

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We've spent several weeks undertaking a major upgrade of a significant part of Construct's effects system - the effect compositor. This is the part of Construct that renders the sequences of effects for objects, layers and layouts. In this release we've now switched over to the new effect compositor, which has been rewritten from the ground up. It solves some long-standing issues with effects, such as pasting in to Drawing Canvas, and also has made possible some new features, such as enabling effects for 3D shape objects. The new effect compositor is much better designed and opens up new possibilities for the effects system in future. Further, although WebGPU support is not currently public, the new effect compositor also fully supports WebGPU, bringing full WebGPU support a big step closer.

Replacing a major, years-old component like the effect compositor is a significant undertaking, and with it comes some risk. Hopefully you won't see your projects working any differently at all! If that's the case, then we've succeeded. However be on the lookout for anything that's been accidentally broken and as ever please file an issue to let us know about it. Also although our testing shows the new effect compositor appears to be faster, let us know if you find any effects-heavy projects that seem to run slower now - we want to make sure the new effects system is at least as fast as the old one.

As ever there's a batch of other changes and fixes in this release, with the full details below. Stay tuned for more updates!

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New Additions

14 favourites
3D shape: support for effects
9 favourites
New example 'Hanoi tower'


15 favourites
Use a new and completely rewritten effect compositor for the runtime
5 favourites
Text/SpriteFont: avoid parsing [ and ] on different lines as BBcode tags
11 favourites
Move mask effects to new "Mask" category

Bug Fixes

9 favourites
Exported projects not working (regression r269)
5 favourites
Tilemap bar: tileset image not displayed properly (regression r269)
5 favourites
Loading image from URL could be rotated incorrectly (regression r261)
8 favourites
Drawing Canvas: pasting objects with effects did not always render correctly
8 favourites
Effects could fail to render on 3D layers
9 favourites
3D shape: improve rendering when using transparency on faces
4 favourites
Layout View: background could turn black when adding layout effects
5 favourites
Layout view: live-previewing sprite animations with background-blending effects could look wrong
4 favourites
Event Sheet View: crash using keyboard shortcut to add event above/below while function parameter selected
5 favourites
Event Sheet View: ensure search terms can also match in originally typed expressions as well as displayed expressions
5 favourites
Data editor: crash trying to copy the content of a cell when the editor is detached to a popup window
4 favourites
Web adverts: avoid crash if main adverts script fails to load (e.g. due to ad blocker)

Performance Improvements

15 favourites
New effect compositor 15% faster in intensive cases

SDK updates

5 favourites
Allow exporting with all-whitespace content for Cordova plugin variables

Scripting updates

5 favourites
Support some ES2020 features when minifying, such as nullish coalescing

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  • Hello,


    I've been waiting for this for a long, long time!

    I imagine that it must have been a colossal job, although I don't realize it.

    A big thank you to the team!

  • This is an almighty update! Just tested out on an intensive CPU level of my game to compare R268 to R270 and the performance increase is huge.

    Total CPU has gone from around 33% to 23%, draw calls are about 10% faster.

    Just ran a test on a budget phone, FPS were inconsistent on this level on max details, low details would avg. 50 fps so could look a little choppy. R270 and its avg. 57 FPS so big difference.

  • Hi, I have a problem with chrome browser when loading construct r270, how can I solve this error?

    key name '' already exists in language string map

  • Super cool, looking forward to the things this will allow in the future!

    will this also mean we can get post processing effects like bloom, bokeh blur etc. in the future? (these are the two I am really missing from unity) :00

  • Amazing, can't wait to test this on my effect-heavy project!!

  • Like Hapetu my sprites are all invisible now as well. All of my project from earlier versions, if I place any sprite it comes in invisible. 270 is not usable for me.

  • After this update I am unable to export to android. The rest is going all right. Great job

  • thanks alot

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