Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r300

Bug fixes

28 June, 2022 ()

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It's the 300th release of Construct 3! This release continues to improve reliability with another batch of bug fixes, particularly around the Timeline Bar. There's also a fix for a performance regression that could have caused the editor to run slowly in some cases when using large layouts.

If this release proves reliable we may move to a stable release next week, but if any more issues come up we may need a little longer. But this release should hopefully be pretty robust now and we should have a stable release rolling out soon!

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Bug Fixes

3 favourites
Playable Ads export not working with minify mode 'None' (regression r295)
3 favourites
Speech synthesis did not always work in Safari
7 favourites
Possible incorrect state after using 'Wait' action
5 favourites
Fix a few case/wording issues
6 favourites
Effects could render incorrectly with a 3D camera in some circumstances
4 favourites
Global layers: lock selection not working as expected
3 favourites
Animations editor: avoid clearing selection of frames when clicking on scrollbars
3 favourites
Timeline bar: crash deleting the main property track of an audio track
3 favourites
Timeline bar: crash adding value or audio tracks (regression r299)
3 favourites
Timeline bar: audio tracks not previewing (regression r299)
3 favourites
Timeline bar: choppy playhead scrolling with timelines using only value or audio tracks
4 favourites
Timeline bar: expand icons not visible in the dark theme
3 favourites
Timeline bar: crash placing an audio track in a folder and then undoing that change
3 favourites
Timeline bar: unexpected behaviour when changing the scale using Ctrl/Cmd + mouse wheel
2 favourites
Timeline bar: nested timelines producing layouts with unnecessary height

Performance Improvements

11 favourites
Fix performance degradation related to templates in layouts with large amounts of instances (regression r286)

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  • Happy r300!

  • Thanks for another release, focused on stability :). Just ran a couple quick tests, and I believe this has fixed some issues using "Wait" in my Event Sheets.

    Looking forward to the next Stable Release. Hopefully that comes together smoothly for next week :)

    As always. Thanks to the team for their hard work!

    EDIT: Really looking forward to a stable Timelines editor. I keep putting off using it, until the gremlins have been worked out.

  • fantastic Thanks for the regular updates

  • Thanks a lot for this release, and your assiduity :)

    Any ETA when it will be done on "Timeline" things?

    It's a great part, but to be honest I'm really waiting fore news features/options more usefull, they are a lot of great propose in the Feature suggest page, I'm really impatient to see them running.

    Good luck for the next!

  • When will you add full safari support for ipados? After some time, the С3 simply stops responding to mouse clicks, although the touch control works fine. Please fix it ! My main device is an ipad pro and I want to work on it with pleasure.

  • Since downloading this version it crashes whenever I try to save, giving me the "Aw snap!" message about being out of memory (doesn't happen with previous stable version or any other tabs)